Michigan Makes Golf Tourism Push

Watch this video. It’‘s breathtakingly beautiful.

The video is a part of the State of Michigan’s $30 million effort to promote the state as a vacation destination. The plan includes 5,500 nationwide television spots, billboards, and ads on buses in such unlikely places as New York City. The “Pure Michigan” campaign will tout the state’s natural wonders, including 3,000 miles of shoreline, innumerable resorts, parkland and of course, golf. The state has more public courses than any other, with more than 850 available to the public. The summer weather “Up North” is perfect, and the people hardworking and friendly.

Tourism pays off. An independent study of Michigan’s Tourism advertising expenditures showed that spending $26.3 million on advertising over the last five years has resulted in 5 million new tourists coming to Michigan who spent $1.1 billion and contributed $75.3 million in tax revenue. That’s a return of $2.86 for every $1 spent.

John Steinbeck wrote of Michigan:

I had forgotten how rich and beautiful is the countryside—the deep topsoil, the wealth of great trees, the lake country of Michigan handsome as a well-made woman, and dressed and jeweled. It seemed to me that the earth was generous and outgoing here in the heartland, and perhaps the people took a cue from it.

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