Michigan Native Sets Golf Record With 14K Holes In A Year

Michigan native John Verdura will set a Guinness record for most holes played in a year: 14,000. That shatters the old record of 11,000. The 63-year-old will hit 14,000 on July 31.

Even more surprising: it was done at his wife’s urging:

“So when this prospect came up, I go, ‘Oh, yeah,’ ” said Karen Verdura, an underwriting director for Travelers Insurance. “It’ll get him out and about every single day. I won’t have to worry about him putzing around and just let him go at it. It worked out perfect. He loves it.”

While John Verdura will get Guinness’ recognition, Karen Verdura probably deserves a footnote for being the world’s first wife who ordered her husband to play as much golf as he could.

More in the sad remnants of a once great paper, The Detroit Free Press.

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