Mickelson May Return To US Open

The really good news seems to be that doctors caught Amy Mickelson’s cancer early and she’s expected to make a good recovery.

The accompanying good news is that means Phil will play at the US Open at Bethpage Black. He was a fan favorite when the US Open was held there last, and you can expect a repeat of that welcome.

However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he doesn’t fare well, given that his family will (very properly) be on his mind. 

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1 thought on “Mickelson May Return To US Open”

  1. 1st – All prayers go to Amy.  2nd- I can’t believe that Phil is coming to Memphis.  Unfortunately I can’t go Thursday and Friday, and I think he may be out before Saturday.  It is going to be most brutal.  The tournament is a week or two later this year, but more than that, the heat is coming to Memphis early.  Last week, I found myself wanting to walk off #12 green not even caring to make a 3 foot putt for par (luckily a breeze came on #13 and I got my second wind and finished feeling fine)—but that day seemed like it was 95 degrees counting the humidity, and next week it may very well be worse.  Instead of being dry, it will be off and on rain, and when it isn’t, it is supposed to be right at 90 degrees – the humidity level will be suffocating, probably making it feel like nearly 100 degrees at times. 

    That said, JD is already here I think and he will be acclimated.  He has a whole city and nearby state pulling for him and it is going to be pandemonium next week.

    I am hoping that Villegas, Garcia, and mostly JD & Phil all make the cut, because I am going to be here for the tee offs on Saturday and Sunday!


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