Mickey Mouse Watches and The Free Range Adult

Mickey Mouse Watches and The Free Range Adult

I spotted this Citizen Mickey Mouse Watch on Amazon and it moved to near the top of my list of “golf things I’d like to have but can’t justify the expense.”

Like many of a certain age, I had a Mickey Mouse watch as a kid. Watches in the days before cell phones were how we free range kids knew it was time to go home for lunch and dinner in the summer. We otherwise spent the entire day riding around on our bikes, “exploring” and playing various field games. We fancied that no one knew or cared where we were, but I suspect now that there was a Mom’s phone network that informed them where we were.

Hello, Carol? Just letting you know the kids are over in our backyard for now.”

That’s how we would occasionally get someone else’s Mom yelling at us:

“Your mother called. She needs you home.”

A golfer’s Mickey Mouse watch would be a nice bookend. I now spend much of my summer as a “free range adult,” often playing golf through the day until the sun goes down. It’s a perk of being a school teacher and soon to be the perk of being a retired school teacher.

I suppose if my family really needed to get ahold of me they could just call the Washtenaw pro shop (course link and some articles on GolfBlogger about Washtenaw) and Zach or Matt or Cam would be able to find me.

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