Mike Weir Loses Tour Status

Oh how the mighty have fallen! After finishing 22 over at the Honda Classic, Mike Weir has lost his Tour exempt status.

It seems an odd time for a player to lose his exemption, but Weir was on a five tournament medical extension of his 2010 season. He had five tournaments to get to the top 125—and the Honda was last chance.

Like David Duval, and others who’ve fallen from grace, Weir will continue playing on a variety of exemptions—top 25 in career earnings; top 50 in career earnings. And of course, he has that lifetime pass to the Masters.

Still, it’s more than a little amazing to me that Weir has fallen to a world ranking of 235. I’m sure it has at least something to do with the way he’s been tinkering with this swing the last few years—to the stack and tilt and back and who knows what else. There’s probably a lesson in this (and in the example of Duval) to the player formerly known as Tiger Woods: it doesn’t pay to keep tinkering with the swing.

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