Miles of Golf Acquires A Trackman

The pro shop closest to GolfBlogger’s World Headquarters building—Ann Arbor’s Miles of Golf—has recently acquired Michigan’s first Trackman.

The TrackMan is a doppler radar system that is designed to provide three-dimensional measurements of club movement and ball flight and accurate data to within a foot over 100 yards. Produced by Denmark-based ISG A/S, the TrackMan has already found a home with virtually ever major American and Asian golf equipment manufacturer, and has been purchased privately by an increasing number of PGA TOUR stars. According to Matt Frelich, director of U.S. sales and business development for ISG A/S, the device has quickly become the gold standard for measuring golf shots. “There are endless ways to apply the data TrackMan produces,” he says. “And how it’s used will vary from manufacturer to TOUR player to the average golfer. But at Miles of Golf, we’re seeing how quickly players find out whether they should consider an equipment change based on information from TrackMan Reports.”

Brent Norton, the golf shop manager at Miles of Golf in Ann Arbor, Michigan, says that “The TrackMan offers a complete menu of data and information and is the first apparatus of this kind to follow a golf shot from beginning to end,” he says. “Because of the wealth of information that’s produced instantaneously, it’s a huge breakthrough in club-fitting as well as instruction and that’s why we own one—Michigan’s first TrackMan.”

And while the TrackMan figures to have a have a lasting impact on such practices as equipment-testing and ball development research, at the ground level it offers the instruction and sales staff at Miles of Golf an another important service to its clientele. “Whenever we look at something like this, we are most interested in the value it has to our customer,” says Chris Mile, founder and owner of Miles of Golf. “Some people might think this is only something from which a professional golfer could benefit, but there’s a much greater potential ‘upside’ for golfers saddled with outdated and ill-fitting equipment. Combined with the knowledge our staff members already have, TrackMan is a real piece of breakthrough technology.”

The GolfBlogger can’t wait to try it.

To experience the TrackMan (, visit Miles of Golf at 3113 Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti, just 1.5 miles northeast of the US-23/I-94 interchange. The Miles of Golf offices can be reached at (734) 973-9004 or toll-free at (877) 973-9005. Additional information is available on the web site

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