Monsta Golf Ball Review


Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A fine high end ball

I find it interesting that over the past few years, several “boutique” golf ball companies have made their debut, challenging the big boys with balls designed to fit the sensibilities of their owners / inventors rather than marketing gurus.

It seems to me a bit like the craft brew industry a decade or two back, when a few upstarts began to challenge Bud, Miller, Coors and Michelob. At first, it seemed like a David and Goliath story where David had a pea shooter instead of a sling. Now, I see more small batch brews on the shelves than I do the industrial giants.

I wonder if we are going to see the same thing in golf balls. In the past year or so I’ve seen “craft brews” from 3 UP, OnCore, I Need The Ball, Cold Fusion and now, Monsta. Each bring something to the tee that you don’t seen in a major manufacturer.

Monsta bills itself as a premium golf ball at a less than premium price. It is a three-piece affair with a cast urethane cover that is designed to produce more “grab.” Cast urethane is the same material and production process used by other high-performance “Tour” level balls. The middle layer is an ionomer polymer designed to produce distance. The core is supposed to work to transfer energy for more consistent ball flight.

In short, it is a lot like the premium three piece balls that come from more established brands.

I found that the Monsta is a high performing, top notch ball. It flies high and far and straight, and stops as quickly as any ball does for me. I like the feel off the irons and while putting. I like it as much as any premium ball I’ve played.

And who can argue with that logo. It’s killer.

The hurdle that Monsta has is its price to perceived value. While the price of a dozen is $10 cheaper than, say, a Pro V1, I don’t know if that’s enough to get people to give it a try. Thirty four dollars is a lot to ask for an experiment. Callaway’s HEX Hot balls, for example, also are three piece model (but without the cast urethane) sold at around $25 a dozen. My guess is that many golfers will go with the “known” quantity.

If you’re a premium ball player, however, I recommend that you give the Monsta a chance. You may just find that it fits your game and saves your a few dollars.

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