Moore Reason Why Tiger Doesn’t Break Record?

Could Ryan Moore be the challenger to Tiger that we’ve all been looking for?

Asked if Woods’ mercurial start on the PGA Tour set the bar too high for generations to come, Moore thought for only a second and slowly shook his head.

“Not necessarily,” he said. “It’s doable. You’ve just got to play good golf.”

Now that’s confidence. “Just play good golf,” indeed.

He certainly had the best year as an amateur since Bobby Jones. But there have been other pretenders to the throne since Tiger ascended: Matt Kuchar, Charles Howell, Charles Johnson. Is it too much to think that there simply WON’T be a real challenger for Tiger. That it will simply be a list of pretenders to the throne who are routinely put back in their place by the ONE TRUE KING?

I hope not. If that’s the case, golf is going to get really boring. What we need is a Palmer-Nicklaus, Nicklaus-Watson type of drama.

More on Ryan Moore here.

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