More December Michigan Golf

December Michigan Golf: The first at Washtenaw
December Michigan Golf: The first at Washtenaw

More December Michigan Golf

We’ve been having a bit of a late Indian Summer here in southeast Michigan, so after work on Monday, I got out to play a quick nine at Washtenaw Golf Club.

I was well behind the early afternoon players, so I actually managed to get in twelve before darkness fell at five.

It was a lovely day, with weather more reminiscent of late March or early April than mid-December. The ground was soft from recent rain, not frozen hard as is usually the case this time of year. On the branches of trees, however, were the last brown tattered remnants of this year’s leaves, not emerging the buds and tiny slivers of green of early spring.

Rounds of golf this late in the season are always bittersweet. I am thrilled to have the chance to play, and thankful for Washtenaw and other courses that are still open. I know, however, that at any moment, the snow will fly and I will need to pack my clubs for a forced layoff.

December Michigan Golf: The first at Washtenaw
December Michigan Golf: The fifth at Washtenaw.

Washtenaw is still in great shape. The greens are still running true; fairways are dormant, but still plush. They are more yellow than green, but being observant of changing colors and conditions is one of the things I enjoy about playing golf — and especially walking while playing. I think that I would miss so much if I were dashing about in a cart.

The course was surprisingly busy for a Monday in December. I saw some expats I know whose usual home is Green Oaks. I am certain other exiles were there as well. But so too were a large number of Washtenaw regulars I recognized. Owner Dave Kendall (of the Kendall Academy of Golf) was also there getting in some play.

Kendall and I talked for a bit about the new top of the line golf simulators that are going up inside the clubhouse. There soon will be three booths for golfers to keep their skills honed over the long winter.

That will make Washtenaw a year-round home for area golfers.

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