More Golf In Late November

More Golf In Late November
Golf In Late November: The eighth at Green Oaks

More Golf In Late November

I was thankful to get in nine holes at Green Oaks after work yesterday. Sunset now is just after five, so nine was the most I could squeeze in.

The weather was good, with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-forties. Sweater weather.

I played well, which is both encouraging and discouraging. It’s always encouraging when I find my swing. Yesterday, I was striking the ball as well as I have in months. The discouraging part is that any moment now, the golf season will come to a snowy end.

It is a sad truth of a Michigan golfer’s life.

Green Oaks was in great shape. The grounds crew has been working hard to keep the fairways and rough free of leaves. In years past, a player could expect to lose several balls in plain sight. On this round, I lost just one — to a watery grave on the par 3 sixth. My draw had turned into a hook, hit a greenside tree and bounced straight back into the pond.

Golf In Late November: The seventh at Green Oaks

Long range weather forecasts suggest that I have a good chance of getting in a round the first week of December. If I manage to get in some golf in December, it will mark 58 straight months of playing golf in Michigan.

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