More Coverage of Tigers’ Accident

The Sporting News what I think is the best coverage to this moment.

3 thoughts on “More Coverage of Tigers’ Accident”

  1. I just read on cnn that the state police went to Tiger’s house to interview him today but they were asked if they could postpone the interview until tomorrow.

    Gee, if I wrecked my car I know I wouldn’t be able to ‘schedule’ my ‘interview’ with the police.

    Let’s see, there was the incident with the big boulder being moved a few years ago when people had the nerve to try to explain it away as a ‘loose impediment’ and now there’s this kid gloves treatment by the police.  No, Tiger doesn’t get any special treatment.

  2. The reason the police are not getting tougher is that since he is a target of the investigation, the only information he is required to provide to the police is license, registration, and insurance.  The police say they are just investigating a traffic accident.  Now if that investigation may move to other areas, like whether Elin attacked Tiger, or vice-versa, then they could bring one or both down to the station for questioning, but I suspect that they want to play nice as long as possible to see what information they can get freely first—easier to get Tiger to talk before he or Elin goes lawyering up (of course his lawyers are surely involved already).


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