More Criticism of the Fedex Cup “Playoffs”

Yet another sports columnist is taking the FedEx Cup “playoff” system to task. This time it’s Mike Nagel from the Gatehouse News Service:

Golf’s honchos have decided to invent drama, whether we buy into it or not. They have come up with something they call “Playoffs” — with a capital “P” — even if the four-week FedEx Cup doesn’t resemble anything even a casual sports fan would identify with actual playoffs.

In the process, Tour honchos have ruined the Western Open.

Wait. It’s not even the Western Open any more, brushing aside more than a century of history. It’s now the BMW Championship, and Thursday’s opening round had all the buzz of a WNBA exhibition game.

My point exactly. There can be no forgiveness for destroying one of golf’s great and historical events.

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