More Foursomes Strategy

Foursomes is a match play format in which teams of two players play a single ball, alternating shots. One player hits the tee shot, the second player then takes the second shot, and so on. Four players, two balls.

While watching the foursomes matches at the President’s Cup on Saturday, Tiger Woods offered an interesting insight into a foursomes strategy. On each hole, the players tee off with the ball of the player who will hit the approach shot to the green. That ensures that the player hitting to the green will be familiar with the spin characteristics of the ball in play.

So, for example, Jim Furyk might tee off on a par 4 using Tiger’s ball. Tiger then can hit wedge into the green with something he’s familiar with. On the next, Tiger will tee off with Furyk’s ball so Jim can hit into the green with a ball he likes.

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