More Grumbling About The New PGA Tour Schedule

Is ANYONE happy with the new PGA Tour schedule?

It doesn’t seem so. Stalwarts have almost become afterthoughts. The International has disappeared, as has the BC Open. And tournaments stuck after the Cup championship have found themselves almost completely irrelevant. I’ve heard grumblings in the local media about the new spot for the Buick Open.

The latest grumblings have come from Texas, where the two tournaments that comprised the “Texas Swing”—the Nelson and the Colonial—find themselves split up, and the Colonial is positioned just before Nicklaus’ Memorial. Previously the Nelson and Colonial were played back-to-back, encouraging players to stay in Texas to play both.

Sports Central has more on the grumblings.

For a sport as steeped in tradition as golf, it’s discouraging to see such apparent disregard for the past. I don’t think that the Tour has deliberately unleashed the historical wrecking ball, but they surely have left that impression among many. When long tenured tournaments, complete with dedicated volunteers, superb attendance and millions in charity fundraising suddenly find themselves on the outs, it looks suspicious.

But I don’t believe that the current schedule will stay the way it is. The new schedule is, I suspect a work in progress.

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