More Threaten To Sit Out Cup Events

Tiger may not be the only name player to sit out FedEx Cup events. According to the New York Daily News

Tiger Woods may be the first, but not be the last.

Woods made news when he opted out of The Barclays, this week’s inaugural FedEx Cup playoff event at Westchester Country Club in Harrison. But as the four-week series goes on, there were hints yesterday that players may pick and choose when they play.

“I don’t think he’s going to be the only guy who skips an event,” said Jim Furyk, who sits in third place in the point standings. “I’ve already heard some names thrown around. Some of them are top 20 players, some of them are top 40 players, some of them are top 60 players. But he’s going to be in the microscope because he always is. He’s entitled to do what he wants and he’ll still be competing in the last three events trying to win.”

Earlier, fourth-seeded Phil Mickelson invited speculation about how much he’ll be playing.

“I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out,” he said.

I can see a scenario where a player makes the cut after the second week, but does the math and realizes that he can’t win the big prize. So he decides that he’s tired and sits out the rest of the series.  It wouldn’t make Tour officials very happy, though.

In fact, a lot of guys are in that position: they can play, but can’t possibly win:

Tour mathematicians have calculated that you need to start out in the Top 15 in the points standings to win the overall title, but Woods – who begins the playoffs as the No.1 seed with a 1,000-point edge on No.2 Vijay Singh – is comfortable enough spotting his pursuers first-week points, even though any of the top 59 players in the FedEx Cup standings could pass him with a win this week, and a golfer in the top 20 could do so with a second-place finish.

They may have a problem on their hands.

2 thoughts on “More Threaten To Sit Out Cup Events”

  1. So, I understand that Tiger was comfortable with his lead to sit out, and with the money not really being a big deal to him… but still he doesn’t want to let this title go does he?  If the cup is reworked in the coming years and does survive with some importance.  If Vijay or Phil wins this weekend, doesn’t that put Tiger in a bit of trouble.  Surely he doesn’t want to see Phil on that cup for the inagural season.

    And likewise, it would probably mean more to Phil or especially Vijay.  The tour probably might be wishing at this point by some miracle it is Phil and Vijay in the final pairing on the last day in 4 weeks.  Would be great to see those two pals together all day long.  One might just end up laying in a ditch at some point.

  2. This is all really to be expected.  Too many tournaments in a row with the lead in events outside of last week.  These guys do have routines and familys… 

    I hope the Tour realized that once people are out of contention but making the Championship, they will take week three off to rest and relax. 

    What would be worse- No one from the top 10 wins this week, and Tiger wins week 2 and 3.  A final event that has no impact on who win.. boo.

    Next year the playoffs go right up to the Ryder Cup.  Something will have to give.


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