Moreno Leads After First Round Of Tullymore Classic

Paolo Moreno leads after the first round of the Tullymore Classic.
Paolo Moreno leads after the first round of the Tullymore Classic. Photo Credit Andrew Knapik

CANADIAN LAKES, Mich., July 1, 2015 – Paola Moreno holds a three shot lead at the end of the first round of the Tullymore Classic.

Moreno credited her putting as the key to the bogey free round of 64:

“I made really good putts. I gave myself a lot of good chances and I made eight birdies so I’m pretty happy today with that result.”

“I haven’t had my best finishes so far but I’m playing well,” Moreno explained. “I’d say my game is in a good place and I just want to take it one shot at a time. I don’t want to go ahead and think about what could happen or not.”

Moreno, who has been on the LPGA TOUR the past three seasons, is a native of Columbia, and a USC grad. She is looking to earn her card back by finishing in top ten at the end of the Symetra Tour season.

At three back are Allison Emrey and Yu Liu. Four other players — Emma Talley, Pavarisa Yoktuan, Alejandra Cangrejo and Erynne Lee – are four back heading into Saturday’s second round.

Second round play begins on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. off of the first and 10th tees. There will be a cut to the top 60 and ties following second round play. The final round will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday and is expected to conclude at approximately 4:30 p.m. with a trophy ceremony on the 18th green.


Allyson Geer – 69 (-3)/8:03 (1st tee)
Gabrielle Shipley – 74 (+2)/1:08 (1st tee)
Laura Kueny – WD prior to opening round
Samantha Troyanovich – 71 (-1)/7:30 (1st tee)
Caroline Powers – 72 (E)/9:31 (1st tee)
Christine Meier – 77 (+5)/1:30 (10th tee)
Alyssa Ferrell – 69 (-3)/1:19 (10th tee)


2016 Tullymore Classic
Round 1 Summary
Friday, July 01, 2016 Purse: $100,000.00
Tullymore Golf Club Par: 35 37 – 72 Yardage: 6403


2016 Tullymore Classic First Round Results

1Paola Moreno33-3164-8
T2Yu Liu31-3667-5
T2Allison Emrey32-3567-5
T4Alejandra Cangrejo34-3468-4
T4Emma Talley34-3468-4
T4Pavarisa Yoktuan33-3568-4
T4Erynne Lee35-3368-4
T8Emily Tubert36-3369-3
T8Jessica Wallace32-3769-3
T8Allyson Geer (a) *34-3569-3
T8Allyssa Ferrell34-3569-3
T12Kendall Martindale32-3870-2
T12Mary Narzisi36-3470-2
T12Dottie Ardina32-3870-2
T12Megan McChrystal34-3670-2
T12Emma de Groot33-3770-2
T12Laura Gonzalez Escallon36-3470-2
T12Lauren Hibbert34-3670-2
T12Rosie Davies34-3670-2
T12Clariss Guce34-3670-2
T21Brittany Marchand34-3771-1
T21Katherine Perry33-3871-1
T21Carleigh Silvers34-3771-1
T21Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong35-3671-1
T21Madeleine Sheils34-3771-1
T21Susy Benavides33-3871-1
T21Sally Watson37-3471-1
T21Samantha Troyanovich36-3571-1
T21Madchen Ly34-3771-1
T21Madison Pressel35-3671-1
T21Gemma Dryburgh33-3871-1
T32Caroline Powers34-3872E
T32Megan Osland34-3872E
T32Shannon Fish36-3672E
T32Peiyun Chien37-3572E
T32Erica Popson36-3672E
T32Emily Collins36-3672E
T32Ziqi Ye36-3672E
T32Kaitlyn Price34-3872E
T32Sara-Maude Juneau36-3672E
T32Krista Puisite34-3872E
T42Vivian Tsui37-36731
T42Margarita Ramos38-35731
T42Julia Roth38-35731
T42Laura Wearn36-37731
T42Marita Engzelius34-39731
T42Desiree Dubreuil34-39731
T42Olivia Jordan-Higgins34-39731
T42Katie Kempter38-35731
T42Jean Reynolds35-38731
T42Portland Rosen36-37731
T42Wichanee Meechai36-37731
T42Kendall Dye35-38731
T42Min-G Kim38-35731
T42Katie Jean35-38731
T42Laura DeMarco36-37731
T57Katelyn Sepmoree35-39742
T57Hayley Davis35-39742
T57Veronica Felibert37-37742
T57Emily Childs37-37742
T57Jordan Britt37-37742
T57Janie Jackson34-40742
T57Emily Gimpel36-38742
T57Allie Knight35-39742
T57Michelle Piyapattra36-38742
T57Allie White36-38742
T57Marina Choi37-37742
T57Natalie Sheary35-39742
T57Jamila Jaxaliyeva38-36742
T57Gabrielle Shipley (a) *35-39742
T71Paula Hurtado38-37753
T71Ember Schuldt38-37753
T71Luciane Lee36-39753
T71Jenny Coleman36-39753
T71Christina Miller36-39753
T71Anna Young36-39753
T71Michele Nash35-40753
T71Mia Piccio37-38753
T71Lili Alvarez37-38753
T71Maya Parsons36-39753
T71Augusta James37-38753
T71Jessy Tang36-39753
T71Viva Schlasberg41-34753
T71Amy Ruengmateekhun36-39753
T71JiSoo Park36-39753
T71Monifa Sealy39-36753
T71Christina Foster35-40753
T88Alexandra Casi37-39764
T88Emma Jandel37-39764
T88Hye-Min Kim38-38764
T88Marijosse Navarro39-37764
T88Kristi O'Brien38-38764
T88Nicole Sakamoto37-39764
T88Amber Hensley36-40764
T88Britney Yada37-39764
T88Melissa Siviter39-37764
T97Rebecca Artis44-33775
T97Numa Gulyanamitta37-40775
T97Ashley Tait38-39775
T97Becca Huffer38-39775
T97Mallory Viera36-41775
T97Jenni Jenq39-38775
T97Lauren Mielbrecht37-40775
T97Gabriella Wahl38-39775
T97Jean Chua37-40775
T97Christine Meier37-40775
T97Lisa McCloskey36-41775
T97Jayde Panos37-40775
T97Heather Angell42-35775
T97Carlie Yadloczky37-40775
T97Mallory Kent39-38775
T112Natalia Ghilzon39-39786
T112Jennifer Ha38-40786
T112Jennifer Brumbaugh40-38786
T112Jordan Ontiveros37-41786
T112Ericka Schneider38-40786
T112Stephanie Bertelsen40-38786
T112Elizabeth Tong38-40786
T112Ellen Davies-Graham39-39786
T112Sara Banke40-38786
T112Elin Arvidsson40-38786
T112Lauren Doughtie37-41786
T112Jordan Rose39-39786
T124Emily Rymer38-41797
T124Tessa Teachman40-39797
T124Katerina Bruner37-42797
T124Mackenzie Puryear38-41797
T124Kristina Merkle40-39797
T124Samantha Postillion40-39797
T124Ryanne Haddow37-42797
T131Simi Mehra43-37808
T131Isi Gabsa35-45808
T133Taylor Neidy40-41819
T133Kathleen Ekey40-41819
T135Diana Fernandez37-458210
T135Kate Scarpetta38-448210
T135Alexandria Jacobsen41-418210
T138Jillian Fraccola39-448311
T138Kristi Cardwell42-418311
T140Liz Wendt46-388412
T140Shamiso Hatchard (a) *45-398412
T140Kelli Pry40-448412
143Amanda Snyder45-428715
Doris Chen36-41DQ
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