Morgantown Golf and Country Club Under WVU Stadium

imageThe WVU sports site has an interesting article on the Morgantown Golf and Country Club, which was located on the grounds where West Virginia’s football stadium now stands. It had some interesting features:

Perhaps the most interesting was the short par-four 15th, which was so steep on its approach to the green that a mechanized rope pulley system was installed to help golfers and their caddies navigate the precipitous terrain.

“You drove out into a valley and then it went 60 degrees uphill to the green for about 100 yards,” recalled Bill Dunlap, a member of West Virginia’s golf team from 1957-61. “You’d walk over to the left side of the fairway and there was like a ski rope and you just held the rope and it pulled you up the hill.”

Read the whole article by John Antonik here. And a shout-out to John, with whom I worked as a sports information intern back in the 1980s.

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