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We’ve been using Shaklee products at the GolfBlogger household since 1991. We take Shaklee vitamins; use Shaklee dishwasher and laundry soaps; wash with their soaps and shampoos; tidy up with Shaklee household cleaning products; Mrs. GolfBlogger uses their Minerelles cosmetics.

I’m personally a big fan of Shaklee soaps and shampoos (especially their Meadow Blend “non soap” soaps) because they’re the only ones I’ve found that I can use on a regular basis without causing my skin to crack and bleed. In fact, since I started using Shaklee products, the psorisis and eczema which plagued me as a kid have completely disappeared. They actually cleared up within a month, and have returned only once, when for reasons too complicated to explain, I switched to other hand and bath soaps for a period of time.

Mrs. GolfBlogger has been a Shaklee distributor for more than twenty years, going back to her Air Force service before we were married. She’s never actually sold products to anyone else, though; she just enjoyed the discount she got for being a distributor.

But recently, as Shaklee products have been featured on Oprah and gained attention for their “green” benefits, people have been asking her about Shaklee’s “Basic H2”, “Meadowblend”, “Nature Bright” , “Cinch” weight loss products and “Minerelles.” She told them how great they are, and has held product demonstrations and makeovers, but when people wanted to buy, Mrs. GolfBlogger had to confess that in spite of being a “distributor” she didn’t really sell anything.

We’ve decided that’s pretty dumb. Neither one of us is comfortable trying to talk people into buying things, but if friends wanted to buy, it wasn’t very nice of us to tell them to go find someone else.

So she’s opened shop as “real” distributors with an official Shaklee Distributor website, ordered some business cards and have taken out a couple of ads in local newsletters. But as anyone can order from her site, and have the products shipped directly to their home, I thought I’d take advantage of the global reach and vast media power of GolfBlogger smile and let everyone know.

There’s also the opportunity to become a Shaklee member (and get the discounts) or to become a distributor (and get bigger discounts) yourself. We know some people who make a VERY nice full-time living as Shaklee distributors; in these hard economic times, that may be something you want to look into. Mrs. GolfBlogger says she would be more than happy to “sponsor” anyone who wants to give that a shot.

I will greatly appreciate anyone who patronizes her site. Mrs. Golfblogger cheerfully puts up with the inordinate amount of time I spend both playing golf, and working on this site, and it would be nice if I could direct a little traffic to her new project.

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