Mulberry Hills Golf Course Review

Mulberry Hills Hole 12: 502 yard par 5
Mulberry Hills Hole 15: 502 yard par 5

Mulberry Hills Golf Course
Oxford, Michigan

Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Ordinary but affordable.

Mulberry Hills is a neighborhood course that offers a decent round at a decent price. It is not worth a road trip of any distance, but if you live in the area, it could be a regular stop.

Mulberry Hills is a parkland-style farm course. Holes are for the most part back and forth, separated by short distances, small stands of trees, some open fields and the occasional marsh. The holes are also almost uniformly straight shots, with only five having slight turns. The course is nearly bunker free. The greens, however, are smallish and elevated and tend to kick balls into collection areas.

From the tips, Mulberry Hills measures 6,635 yards and plays to a 122/70.9. The middle tees find themselves at 6, 117 and a 118/6.4. In either case, the back nine was more difficult.

As a course regular told the story, Mulberry Hills’ back nine is actually the original. The course’s owner built the facility with the intention of leaving a thriving business to his children. The second nine was added later, and then the numbers were switched.

Mulberry Hills Hole 8: 347 yard par 4
Mulberry Hills Hole 8: 347 yard par 4

My favorite hole was the 347 yard par 4 eighth. From an elevated tee, the ball needs to clear a waste area to a fairway that bends slightly left. A good shot to the right side, will give a good look at a green that drops off the back end.

Conditions on the day I played were about what you would expect on a neighborhood course. The fairways are filled in — though not always with grass. The greens were in decent shape, and surfaces smooth. There were a few dead areas along the holes, but that suggested the vagaries of the weather rather than any neglect.

A round at Mulberry Hills is $18 walking and $32 with a cart. That’s a pretty good deal — especially for walkers. I strongly suggest walking. In spite of the name, there isn’t much “Hill” in Mulberry Hills.

The Mulberry Hills Golf Course Review was first published August 25, 2015.

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