My Addiction

Golf Shirts

I’ve decided to take a big step in my life and announce to the world that I have an addiction:

Golf Shirts.

This is just half of my “collection.”

3 thoughts on “My Addiction”

  1. I understand there is a clinic in Mississippi that can help you with this problem.  Oh, wait…that’s the wrong addiction.

  2. I too have the same addiction-but I keep mine by color-you need to take one more step—but I am inpressed by the wooden hangers!

  3. Nice.  Looks like you have one for each day you can annually wear short sleeves in Michigan!

    I have the same lime green Callaway in the middle.  And I have it in 3 other colors too.  I only have about a dozen and a half – surprised I don’t see another in your batch.

    For a short time I was trying to get different course shirts, that lasted about 3 trips before my wife realized that I was spending an average of $65.  Now all mine come off the sale rack at Golfsmith or my golf club at the end of the season when they go for $25 or less.


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