My Augusta National Anniversary Present

I’m not likely to ever take a trip to Augusta National, but Mrs. GolfBlogger gave me this fabulous porcelain dish for an anniversary present. She found it at a garage sale!

It measures approximately 7 inches by 5 inches. Interestingly, it doesn’t say “Masters” anywhere on the plate.

Augusta National Dish 1 photo AugustaTray-1010621_zps9743868b.jpg

Augusta National Dish 3 photo AugustaTray-1010622_zps1e54df4d.jpg

Augusta National Dish 2 photo AugustaTray-1010623_zps1c097a0b.jpg

3 thoughts on “My Augusta National Anniversary Present”

  1. There’s no date on it. The first hole is 400 yards. Current tournament yardage is 445. The hole was 400 from 1938 through 1998.

    Hole 2 is listed at 555, which again places it before 1998.

    I think it is pretty old. It appears to be porcelain, and I don’t think modern gift items would be made of that. Further, it doesn’t say Masters, which makes me think it’s prior to the marketing machine.

  2. Fun,  I don’t see a copyright date on it, can you tell by the yardages, how old it might be?  Questions, questions, are the yardages for member or masters tees?

  3. Typically items that don’t say The Masters were purchased from the golf shop, not during the tournament or not from the tournament stands, but the one behind the ropes just outside of the locker room.
    That includes clothes. They typically only have the logo without words of any sort these days.


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