My Christmas Golf Haul

Moose Golf Ornament

I found myself in the odd position this year of neither needing, nor wanting any golf gear for Christmas. A new set of clubs was out of the realm of financial practicality, my bag and push cart will last another year at least, and I’ve got a nice stock of Wilson Duos at GolfBlogger World HQ. I’m behind on my reading, so I didn’t ask for any additional golf books. And due to a deal with Mrs. GolfBlogger, the addition of any new golf shirts must be accompanied by an old one going to the Salvation Army. Thus, asking for new golf shirts was a net zero.

Still, my family found a way to indulge my golf addiction: golf Christmas ornaments. They’re pictured here.

Golfer's Prayer Ornament

Golfers Diet Ornament

So what gifts did you get for the holidays? Add your comments below.

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