My Golf Related Christmas Gifts

As you might expect, I got a couple of golf related gifts this Christmas. At the risk of boring my readers completely, here they are:

Two dozen Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls. These are my favorite basic balls of the last two seasons. For a higher end ball, I prefer the 3UP, but I bought three dozen of those during their pre-Christmas sale, so I didn’t have those on my list.

A Zippo Hand Warmer. Although this is probably intended more for hunters, I think it’ll come in handy on cold weather golf outings.


A personalized pewter bag tag.

That doesn’t seem like a lot for the golf obsessed, but the truth of the matter is that my family and friends have figured out that the last thing I need is more random golf stuff. And actually, I’m at that stage in my life where I don’t really need or want anything in particular. New things just clutter up the house, or consume time I don’t have. Books are the one exception to that rule. In general, my idea of a great gift now is one that replaces something I’ve worn out or lost.

Experiences. Experiences are the other thing I love to get for gifts these days. Several of the gifts I received were gift certificates for local restaurants that I probably would not otherwise patronize. That’s an experience. So are tickets to the Senior PGA Championship, which will come to Benton Harbor, Michigan this year. And a gift certificate to an upscale course.

So what did Santa bring you?

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4 thoughts on “My Golf Related Christmas Gifts”

  1. Hey John – a belated Merry Christmas to you and your family! My wife was kind enough to get me a pair of True Linkswear shoes for the 2014 season. I’m really looking forward to trying them out!

    You’re so right about experiences being superior to “things”. Last year for fathers day Danielle got my son and I tickets to the Deutsche Bank Championship. It was a day neither of us will forget.


  2. I got a St. Andrews golf shirt (the wife said a trip to St. Andrews wasn’t in the cards for a few years) and money from the in-laws to buy a fairway wood.

  3. Well, the most useful was a new 4 & 5 hybrid.  Sort of knew it was coming.  During Callaway Pre-Owned pre-BlackFriday sale they had a buy one hybrid, get one sale, and I bought the pair.  Later that day, I was fixing to tell my wife, when she asked “what do you want for Christmas”.  I told her there was a Callaway box coming in two days and to wrap that up.  Everyone was happy!

    Parents gave me a box of NXT Tours.  Probably will see if I can’t trade it in for credit at Golfsmith and get some of the Callaway Hex Bite, which is still being run in closeout sales, and I do like the 3Up, but the Hex Bite has become my regular ball (and at 3 dozen for $45, it is a real deal)

    I gave my daughter (9) a box of multicolor chick golfballs.  Sadly, she will consider these “special” balls, which must be carried in the golf bag and never used.  And when I say carried, I mean by me.  She also got “turf tees” in the stocking, these just sit on the ground and hold the ball up.  She has trouble getting the right tee height, hopefully she can determine which of these work best and use it for a consistent height.


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