My Longest Drive

I hit the longest drive of my career today. It was on a 411 yard par 4, hitting into a slight wind. The ground was dry and I got a lot of roll. My tee shot landed right next to the 100 yard mark. If I do my math right, that means I uncorked a 311 yard drive.

Holy Cow.

I have no idea how I did it. Needless to say, I didn’t repeat the performance on the next hole (I wish I had, though. The next hole was a 605 yard par 5.)

I used my TaylorMade R7 425 and a Callaway HX Hot ball.

What’s the longest drive you’ve ever hit?

4 thoughts on “My Longest Drive”

  1. Normally drive about 200-220. 

    Drove 340 yards last December.  On a 490 yard Par 5, I hit it within a yard of the 150 stick.  Can’t remember the ball, but I was hitting my Callaway 454.  The day was not too cold, but the ground was really hard—- and there was probably a 20-30mph tailwind.  Funny thing is, that this hole is a slight dogleg right, and at 220 yards narrows to about 20 yards between two outcrops of trees—not a single time since have I made the field goal between the trees.

    Second longest, drove 310 yards on a 610 yard par 6 at Black Diamond in Millersburg, Ohio last weekend.  Carried about 230-240 I think and came down on the cartpath for the 70-80 yard bounce.

  2. I drove one about 270 a couple of weeks ago with the new TaylorMade r7 460 that I recently started using.  Left me with 100 yards into the green.  This is the longest driver I’ve ever hit.  In fact, I used it on Wednesday at a course in Philly, Island Green, that I’ve played three other times and never broken 100.  On Wednesday, I made 7 pars (including 2 Par 5s) and shot a 93.


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