Nano Golf Ball Approved by USGA

NanoDynamics’ NDMX Golf ball has been approved for use by the USGA.

The ball features a hollow metal core and a cover that corrects its flight. How much apparently depends upon the golfer:

“It depends entirely on how good or bad the golfer is. If a recurring problem is either hooking or slicing the ball off the tee, the NDMX ball will make a significant difference according to many of our beta testers,” said Keith Blakely, CEO of NanoDynamics. “Similarly, the ball appears to offer an advantage on the putting green that just might make the difference between an ‘almost’ and an ‘in the cup’ putt.”

In flight ball correction doesn’t come cheap, though. A dozen is expect to cost $60.

I’d like to give them a try. They might help my hook.

4 thoughts on “Nano Golf Ball Approved by USGA”

  1. I actually love the B-330S balls by bridgestone.  But I really don’t like having to pay $40 a dozen for balls.

    So I’m always on the look out for cheaper balls with similar characteristics as the higher priced ones I like.

    Over the years I’ve used nothing but Bridgestone -> Precept -> Bridgestone as the primary ball to play.

    I’ve tried hordes of others and keep coming back to these brands.  Mostly because I like the way they feel, and necessarily because of how long they are or much they spin.

  2. Heck just try the Bridgestone e6.

    That thing is hard to curve, in either direction.

    Line it up straight and hit it. 

    I don’t know about balls correcting themselves in midflight/midroll, sounds like voodoo science to me.


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