New Five Star Review For My Book

imageOn Amazon, I got a new five star review for my book, The Five Inch Course:

I am a hacker and golf addict of 30 yrs duration. Like many of my ilk, I have a library of books,magazines and DVDs that are designed to give me the Holy Grail (i.e. a cure for my various golf ills). Sadly, there is no ‘cure’! However, Mr. Retzer’s book is very useful. He is a fellow sufferer and his book is aimed at us ‘hackers’. His advice is sensible, prudent and very usable.

Golf is said to the hardest ball game to master and this book makes a hard game easier. If Mr .Retzer ever gets to Sydney,I am happy to take him out for a game(we have great courses Down Under) and a beer!

Australia is indeed on my “bucket list” of places to visit. And when I’m there, I’ll take Mr. Howe up on his offer!

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