New Golf Movie In The Works

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Tom Sizemore in 5 Hour Friends

There’s a new golf movie in the works, starring Tom Sizemore as an aging amateur golf champion. From the trailer and description, it looks as though it’s a drama with golf as a background. It looks like it could really be good. You can see a trailer here.

The press release follows:

The “Honor” of Golf Takes Center Stage in Independent Movie “5 Hour Friends”

San Diego, CA—January 22, 2013 – “5 Hour Friends “, a new feature film uses golf as a symbol of today’s disposal personal relationships where rules are meant to be broken without concern for the consequences.

Shot on San Diego’s Balboa Park Golf Course and world renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course, “5 Hour Friends” stars Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore as 54-year-old Timothy Bonner, scratch golfer who has one last chance to win the SoCal Amateur Golf Championship before age and too many “good times” sap his skills.

Committed to not committing to woman, Bonner breaks his own rule to not to get involved on the eve of the Championship and misses his tee-time as he “entertains” his newest five hour friend, Candy, played by veteran Musetta Vander. Despondent as a result of breaking his own rule and forfeiting what is probably his last chance to win the Championship, Bonner looks for another outlet and launches into a tempestuous relationship with Carla Bianchi, a fiery litigator and equally excellent amateur golfer, played by Kimberlin Brown.

What follows is a bumpy, turbulent, occasionally funny but always honest look at what relationships are really like both on and off the golf course.

Ron Jackson wrote the original screenplay to show what real amateur golf is like. Gone are trick shots, stilted dialogue and congenial camaraderie. Populated by eccentric characters, outrageous dialogue and occasional poor sportsmanship, “5 Hour Friends” takes an unvarnished look at golf – and life – as it really is.

Tom Sizemore, free of the personal demons that plagued his career in the past, delivers a performance in “5 Hour Friends” that returns him to the level of his previously acclaimed roles in “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down.”

“Tom’s work in “5 Hour Friends” shows he still has what it takes to deliver a riveting, nuanced performance,” says director Theo Davis. “He’s alternatively charming, humorous, raging and vulnerable. Few actors can deliver this range of emotions over the course of their careers, let alone in one film as Sizemore does in ‘5 Hour Friends’.”

Brown is widely known for her iconic role as Sheila Carter over 13 years on “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” the world’s most popular soap. An excellent golfer in real life, Brown is often invited to play in LPGA amateur competitions such s last year’s Dinah Shore.

Co-star Vander has performed in numerous feature films, including “Under the Hula Moon” and “Gunshy.” and alongside such screen veterans as Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh and Will Smith in “Wild Wild West,” George Clooney and John Turturro in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

“5 Hour Friends” was shot on the Red Epic, the same camera used to film such visually stunning movies as the Harry Potter films, “The Hobbit,” “The Amazing Spiderman,” and the upcoming “Great Gatsby.” Balboa Park and Torrey Pines golf courses never looked as good as they do in this film.

TriCoast Worldwide will introduce the film at the European Film Festival (Berlinale) in February.

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Kimberlin Brown in 5 hour Friends

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