Nexbelt Hamton Classic Belt Review

Nexbelt Hampton Classic Belt
Nexbelt Hampton Classic Belt


Nexbelt Hampton Classic Belt
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Handsome and Practical
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Nexbelt’s Hampton Classic belt is a ratcheting canvas and leather belt with a classic “at the shore” look. The nautical blue with tan stripes go perfectly with khaki pants and a polo for on the course, and with a blue blazer for the 19th hole.

While from all outward appearances the Nexbelt Hampton Classic is a regular canvas affair,  it actually has a leather back. Thus, it is more stiff than expected. The leather seems to be necessary, however, because of the plastic track that provides the teeth for the buckle’s locking mechanism.

Nexbelt Ratchet System

The teeth on the track are a quarter inch apart, allowing far more levels of adjustment than the usual belt-with-holes. Once you get the hang of it, adjusting the belt is easy and discreet. Tightening is simply a matter of pulling the belt’s end in for another click or two. Loosening the Nexbelt is accomplished by releasing the lever and pulling the belt out a little.

When playing golf and walking, I found that the ratchet system really works. It takes but half a second to loosen the Nexbelt for a big swing, and no more time to tighten it up a bit for the ensuing walk.

Nexbelts come in one size that should fit waists up to 45 inches. To get a more precise fit, trim the end of the belt that attaches to the buckle using the printed length guide on the belt’s back. I have to keep mine somewhat longer than my waist size because I have some work khakis with strangely placed initial belt loops.

Nexbelt is one of several brands of ratcheting belts that I now have in my closet. They are my go-to choices every day. I seriously could not go back to standard hole-in-leather belts.




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