Nick Hotchkiss Collection Golf Tie

I’d never heard of The Nick Hotchkiss Collection line of ties, scarves and accessories until they sent me a tie for review. But I’ve become an instant fan. They make good looking stuff, and have a real sense of humor.

The tie they sent is called Golf Animals, and features a tiger, a bantam rooster, a great white shark and a golden bear—for four very famous golfers. (Although Hogan is perhaps better known as the Hawk than Battling Bantam Ben.) It’s beautifully done and goes nicely with my blue blazer.

A nice orange tie with light blue and white umbrellas is due by Christmas.

Nick Hotchkiss also has a nice selection of other good looking, humorous ties. There’s a Dubya Tie that I think I’m going to get for my brother for Christmas (I hope he’s not reading this) and a Fred Astaire tie that I may get for myself.

Give them a visit.

The Nick Hotchkiss Collection

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