Nickent 3DX Irons

Nickent 3DX Irons

Nickent is justifiably most famous for its excellent hyrids, but the company also applies the same thinking to its sets of irons.

The Nickent 3DX irons are designed to be easy to hit thanks to a variety of game improvement features. Weight is spread to the perimeter of the club through the use of a cavity back and polymer XW inserts. These same inserts also provide shock dampening. The clubhead’s thin face provides a high coefficient of restitution.

Designer John Hoeflich says:

These XW inserts do so much for the 3DX iron. It has a large cavity back with a very responsive face, so the distance, feel and forgiveness are deeply rooted in the basic design elements of the club. What makes the 3DX iron so different and so long compared to other irons is the way the XW inserts work. They spread the weight to the heel and toe, absorb shock and provide that extra ‘oomph’ so many golfers are searching for. After looking at the Iron Byron tests, I would say my first design with Nickent Golf is a smashing success. This is an iron for players of all levels looking to experience a considerable amount of forgiveness and the ability to create more power.”

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