Nike Ignite Golf Ball

The Nike Ignite is a three peice ball that Nike says is for the player who likes low spin, penetrating flight and longer distance.

I’m curious about the marketing of this one, though. The Ignite name belongs to a club that is—well— “so last year.” It seems to me that real marketing genius would be to offer a club and a matching ball at the same time. And from a technological standpoint, wouldn’t it be nice to ahve a ball that is designed to take advantage of the properties of a particular driver or irons set.

Nonetheless, this is a ball that I’m going to try as soon as the weather warms up.

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3 thoughts on “Nike Ignite Golf Ball”

  1. I took these Nike Ignites to be the Nike equivelent of HX Hots.  Nike didn’t seem to have something in that $25 range, where the HX Hot, NXT, the new Bridgestone e5 and e6 are—and this fits right there.

    I have played it, and I do like it, probably not quite as much as the HX Hot.  But my new ball is the Bridgestone e5, I don’t get the ball up high enough and that ball does the trick.

    As far as the name Ignite being so 2004/2005, yeah—but would you want a ball names Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  That just doesn’t seem like it is going to get off the tee or go far.  I love the name Sasquatch for the driver, since it looks like a giant foot on the end of the shaft—but for a ball?  No.  Ignite works well- burn one off the tee.

  2. You’re right about the ball being a bit late – unless Nike intend to produce an “Ignite 2” or “Ignite 2006” range of woods. This could make commercial sense especially with the price of the Sasquatch, a lower priced range to compete for different category golfers attention just like Taylor Made, Callaway et al. Just a thought.


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