Nike One Platinum

The Nike One Platinum is a ball that doesn’t need any introductions. After all, it does its own television promos.

Nike says that the ball:

features a Progressive Density Core with a soft center and a progressively harder outer shell. This provides lower spin off the tee even with its soft outer cover.

The Nike One Platinum is comprised of three layers or covers beyond the core. Each cover of the One Platinum has its own job to do:

* the inner cover, closest to the core, is designed to reduce spin off the driver
* the middle cover provides superior mid-iron control
* the outer cover, softer than the Nike One Gold, promotes incredible feel around the green.

The outer cover also features Nike Golf’s proprietary 408 dimple pattern, the same one used on the Nike One Black. This particular dimple pattern promotes a higher trajectory and more penetrating ball flight through the apex of the ball’s trajectory – it descends at a less steep angle promoting more distance and roll.

The One Platinum is not designed exclusively for drivers over 400cc; its distance off the tee, wind-boring control from the fairway, and responsiveness around the green will match any combination of clubs. However, golfers who have made the move to a larger driver will experience the greatest potential of the One Platinum.


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