Nike Power Distance Super Soft Golf Ball Review

Nike Power Distance Soft
Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments: A good distance ball with durability issues.

It seems that there are a lot of good golf balls out there for the mid to high handicapper in the $20 to $25 range.

The Nike Power Distance 2 Super Soft is one of them.

I found these balls on sale at a local pro shop the other day, and in the interest of keeping my readers informed, thought I’d give them a try.

I have to admit that my hopes for the ball were’t particularly high. I’d tried some of Nike’s lower end balls in the past and wasn’t really impressed. But these were nicely different.

As implied in the name, the Super Softs are super soft—perhaps the softest feeling I’ve hit. I particularly like the way they come off the putter. They also have good spin off the wedges and gave me good short game distance control. They weren’t stopping on a dime, but they didn’t roll too far after hitting the green, either.

The other thing implied in the name is that these are a distance ball. And they are, indeed long—at least as long as the HX Hots that I reviewed earlier, and definitely longer than the DT SoLos that I usually play.

Try this on for size: My drives usually go about 230 or so. Not long. I played this ball in a tournament a couple of weekends ago, and had five drives in the 260 yard range. On one of the par fours, I was in a peculiar and unfamiliar situation: driver-wedge. (Flubbed the wedge and put it in the water. Took a drop and did the same thing again. Shot six got to the green. Wasted drive).

Now, I was hitting the ball off the tee unusually well, but not enough, I think, to discount the effect of the ball.

I also thought that the ball flight was lower than with the DT SoLo, resulting in more roll on tee shots.

Where the balls fall short, though, and why I gave them a B+ instead of an A is in the durability department. They simply get beat up too quickly for my tastes. A few good crisp wedge shots are enough to scruff up the cover—and if you hit a cart path or tree, they’ll really suffer.

But at the price (under $20 a dozen) I guess you can afford to sacrifice some durability.

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