Nike Slingshot Hybrid


NIKE Slingshot Hybrid w Diamana Shaft
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For this club, Nike took the successful principles of the Slingshot Irons and applied them to a hybrid.The resulting Nike Slingshot Hybrid made the Golf Digest 2006 Hot List.

Like the Slingshot Irons, the hybrid has a different—even strange—look. Golf Digest said that, from address, it looks a bit like an ashtray, and I have to agree:

Still, looks aren’t everything (at least that’s what I told all my former girlfriends). The strange slingback design moves 70% of the clubhead weight below the equator of the ball. That makes it easier to get the ball into the air from a variety of lies.

The club comes in versions designed to replace 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 irons.

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