Nike Slingshot OSS

NIKE Slingshot OSS

The weirdest looking club in golf has had an update. Lauded for its playabilty in its first incarnation, its the 2006 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice in the Super Game Improvement category.

The slingback moves the weight further back and lower, and the new cryo steel face is lighter and hotter. Twenty nine grams of weight have been moved away from the face to the perimeter and into a wider sole. The club also featues what Nike calls 3_D flow weighting, which essentially accomplishes what Callaway is doing with its Variable Face Thickness technolgy—it moves the weight around to optimize each club individually.

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1 thought on “Nike Slingshot OSS”

  1. Ugh.  I wanted these clubs so bad when they came out!  Finally went and tried them our and I literally could not hit a single ball straight.  Not saying it was the club, but there was definitely a clash between those clubs and my swing.  I ended up going with the Cleveland TA7’s and they’ve worked out beautifully.


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