Nike SP-8 TW Shoe

Am I the only one who thinks these shoes are hideous? It could just be that as I get older, I get less and less “hip” (that said, is “hip” even in use today?).

Tiger wears these, though, and they have his TW imprimatur.

The shoe features Nike’s T@C (Traction at Contact) system for green friendly traction, an outsole that promises greater stability, flexibility and reduced weight, and a soft, waterproof leather. The shoe’s interior, Nike says, molds to the contour of your foot.

I can’t get over the looks, though. These came darn close to a “Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week” tag. (But when you this week’s “Ridiculous” winner, you’ll know why the shoes lost out).

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1 thought on “Nike SP-8 TW Shoe”

  1. It’s not just you, these shoes are a little ridiculous.  I’m 25 and think of myself as reasonably fashionable but I think the trend for athletic shoes in general right now is pretty horrible.  At least there are no obscenely loud colors.


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