No Need To Watch The PGA On Sunday

There’s no need to watch the PGA Championship on Sunday. Tiger has won.

Go outside and enjoy the day.

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3 thoughts on “No Need To Watch The PGA On Sunday”

  1. I found Woody’s comments interesting in the press conference. And the Golf Channel desk response was equally intriguing. They acknowledged that “nobody wants it more then Tiger”, etc. is just demeaning to all other players. Of course, others want it equally as much.

    And Woody pointed out that when Tiger bangs his club, it is called “competitive fire”. Woody does the same and he is called a “loose cannon”. The desk agreed this is all true, and wrong.

    Will it change anything?

    Not a snowball in hell of a chance!

    I like Ames. And will watch and hope he “mans up” in order to stifle the press about his comments. They tried to flame him today and he put them in their place without hesitation.

  2. I found the coverage Thursday to be telling.  In the CBS wrapup, they covered Tiger, and they covered Daly- almost no coverage of Storm.  If Wie had been in 140th place, there probably would have been no Daly coverage so they could show a half dozen of her drives and putts.

    I am a little sorry I didn’t remember to watch today, especially to see how hot it was today.  In Memphis it was a lovely 103, and I was out until about 2:30 with my round.  It truly is the humidity though, because today we had a breeze and a relatively low humidity and it was just wonderful on the course.  I have sweated worse on 82 degree days, and I was in much worse shape Tuesday night at 10pm replacing the battery in my car.  I was wearing a 100% cotton knit golf shirt, no special technology and never sweated through it.


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