No One Saw That Coming

Louis Oosthuizen. No one saw that coming. He wasn’t even listed on the Bodog odds before the Open, although as part of the Field (any unlisted golfer winning), he was 5/2. I heard on the television coverage that he was a 200/1 shot.

I hope he placed a few hundred on himself.

But while all the announcers are gushing over his excellent swing, the big question remains. Is he, like Michael Campbell a one-hit wonder; or like Ben Crane and Todd Hamilton, a good player who had a great week. Or is this the start of something bigger? I’d love to see him cruise to a PGA Championship win. But I wonder if he’s even invited. Surely the Open Champion would be.

Overall, though, it was a pretty dull final round. No one made a move and Oosthuizen was never challenged. But with that kind of a lead going into the final day, it would be hard for all but the most exceptional of players to get into position.

Looking forward to the PGA Championship.

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  1. Nine 3 putts for Tiger over the weekend.  And a putter change mid week.  Not good.

    During the club championship at my club this weekend, I can’t brag about overall score – yesterday was blown with a 10 on the first hole ($12 of ProV1s lost in the water).  But I will say that in 3 rounds on 2 different courses (North course on Friday, Sunday, and south on Saturday) – I had only 4 three-putts (5 if you count a putt from off the green as the first putt).  I was a little down in one-putt percentage, but the speed was killer as before each round over the weekend, greens were rolled, so every day was a completely different experience.


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