More November Golf In Michigan

November golf in Michigan: Green oaks eighteenth hole
Green Oaks, eighteenth hole, November 9, 2016

The remarkable weather continues and that means more November golf in Michigan. I got out again after work for a quick nine (although I actually took advantage of the loop to play an extra three holes.). I was one of just three people on the course. so even playing two (and sometimes three balls), I got around in record time.

One thing I’ve been working on is getting a full turn back and through. To this end, I’ve been trying out a drill I saw Charlie Rymer demonstrate on Morning Drive. As part of my preshot routine, I separate my hands on the grip and stretch back. Then I swing through, sliding my hands together through the downswing and follow-through. Keeping that feeling, I then take a normal swing. It has really improved my consistency.

Of course, having said that, I will embarrass myself the next time out.

Green Oaks Seventeenth green, November 9, 2016
Green Oaks Seventeenth green, November 9, 2016



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