Nude Photos Not Mrs. Woods

The Daily Mail is reporting that a Dublin magazine has published photos of what it purports to be a topless Elin Woods. “The Dubliner” magazine apparently published the photos under the headline “Ryder Cup Filth For Ireland.”

The Mail reports that Woods’ camp says that the photos are not authenthic. Indeed, the magazine’s claim that “Tiger Woods’s wife Elin Nordegren can be found in a variety of sweaty poses on porn sites across the web…” makes it seem pretty unbelievable. One papparazzi photo of a sunbathing Elin through a long range lens I could believe. A “variety of sweaty poses” is a little more difficult. Everyone knows she was a model, but I have never heard that she did pornographic material.

The magazine also reportedly:

goes on to claim that Chad Campbell’s wife Amy is a ” largechested singer” and suggests that Jim Furyk’s wife Tabitha ” married geeky Jim as his winnings hit £10 million”. The piece also says Sonya Toms, wife of David, finds it “liberating” to wear her bikini around the house.

Now, it is true that Mrs. Toms posed in a bikini for an issue of a sports magazine. And I have no idea about the proportions of Mrs. Campbell. But to allege that a man’s wife is a golddigger …

In fact, the whole tone of the alleged article seems a bit off. I call it “alleged” article, because I’m not really sure the article really exists. The whole thing frankly sounds a bit like a hoax to me. While there IS a magazine called the Dubliner, it’s website makes it sound like a legitimate periodical—and not the sort that would need to stoop to such things for sales.

And if they did publish such a thing, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it was a satire of some sort.

At any rate, I’ve got an email in to the editor of the magazine to find out the real scoop. And if anyone can confirm having actually seen the article, I’d love to hear from you.

More to come.


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5 thoughts on “Nude Photos Not Mrs. Woods”

  1. As I said, I suspected that it was a satire.

    But … typically speaking, and from a legal point of view, in the US, satire is fair game only if it is aimed at a public figure. And in spite of her status as a former model, I don’t think that Mrs. Woods (or any of the other wives) really constitute public figures. Now, had they gone after the golfers themselves, that would be a different story.

    Irish law may be different, though. But in a US court, I’m certain Mrs. Woods could collect damages.

    The article also could not have been very well done if so many failed to recognize it as such—including the British press, which reported it as a serious article.

  2. Hey Now!
    no worry ‘bout the press…just a joke is all and clearly getting some “play” for the Mag…cant wait to see some great team play Thur…and hope they get some breeze going-make it great for golf! Let’s kick some Euro-Backside!
    Go USA!
    ken LA
    rumor has it Euro’s having heavy “infighting”

    ps what the hell is Tom L. playing Tiger and JF as a team?..each should shoulder own team and win two quick ones!

  3. All too cheeky don’t you think.
    It seems to be coming all too trendy to throw all sorts of crap on the wall and see what sticks in peoples craw or eye these days. We certainly do live in vile days. All too often it is people attempting to score their five minutes of fame.I would like to believe in the old adage
    that what goes around,comes around. Better to ignore the indolent.

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