NXT18 Belt Review

NXT18 Belt
NXT18 Belt

NXT18 Belt
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Clever, but not really my style

The NXT18 belt is a good product — for someone else.

The belt is a length of polyester webbing that comes in a variety of colors. One and a half inches wide, it comes in four lengths: small (30-32), medium (34-36), large (38-40) and extra large (42-44). The lengths can be fine tuned by removing the end cap, cutting the webbing, melting the end to keep it from fraying and then replacing the cap.

The buckle is a piece of milled aluminum that uses a two-slot tension lock system. NXT18 can customize the face of the buckle to meet customer needs. It would be ideal for branding purposes, or as a giveaway for charity events and the like.

The NXT18 belt is a clever design and a nice product.

As much as I see the appeal though, it’s not really for me. The buckle is big, and I don’t particularly like the polyester strap belt. My tastes run to leather belts and smaller buckles.

Don’t let my rather pedestrian tastes dissuade you, though. This may just be the thing for your wardrobe.


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