NY Post Says “Play 54 And Move On.”

The NY Post has some good advice for the Tour: Play 54 holes and evacuate.

With no disrespect in tended toward the PGA Tour and its players, we ask that you leave New Jersey tomorrow.
Take the medicine that Mother Nature is about to deliver and turn The Barclays Championship at Plainfield Country Club into a 54-hole event, cut your losses and get out of town.
Head to Massachusetts for the Deustche Bank, the next Fed-Ex Cup playoff event, wait out the storm and get your 72 holes in next week.
Staying in New Jersey and stubbornly trying to get the full 72 holes in to appease sponsors (please) and protect the sanctity (yawn) of the Fed-Ex Cup points is a dangerous proposition for everyone involved and not worth the risk.

Of course, if Irene takes a turn to the right, or doesn’t get that far North, all this worrying will look pretty silly.

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