Nyx Golf Sunglasses Review

I own two pair of NYX Classic Competion Sunglasses and I love them. They’re ultra lightweight and—unlike some other pairs that I own—don’t cause any troublesome distortions. In fact, these are the only pair that I will wear while putting (my other glasses are Nike and Oakley).

Best of all, they have three interchangable lenses. This is particularly useful here in Michigan, where the weather is extremely fickle. You can start a round of golf with a good cloud cover, requiring a light lens, and then end up in blazing sunshine and need a darker set.

I recommend these.

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3 thoughts on “Nyx Golf Sunglasses Review”

  1. Strangely its lense is light color tinted, i saw most sport sunglasses are dark color tinted as most outdoor activites have strong light..


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