Oakland Hills’ US Opens Are Part Of A Package Deal

A view of the clubhouse from the first fairway.
A view of the clubhouse from the first fairway in the summer of 2021.

Oakland Hills’ US Opens Are Part Of A Package Deal

I have seen a lot of online dismissals of the USGA’s announcement that Oakland Hills will host the 2034 and 2051 US Opens.

And even some commentary from golf’s media wing.

One even suggested that by 2051 civilization itself will no longer exist.

What I think all of these folk are missing is that the story isn’t the 2051 US Open — or even the 2034 US Open. Those are the headliners, but the meat of the story is the package deal that brings a USGA Championship to Oakland Hills every three to five years for the next thirty years.

Here’s the schedule

Future USGA Championships at Oakland Hills 
2024 U.S. Junior Amateur
2029 U.S. Women’s Amateur
2031 U.S. Women’s Open
2034 U.S. Open
2038 U.S. Girls’ Junior
2042 U.S. Women’s Open
2047 U.S. Amateur
2051 U.S. Open

While many do not care about the other events, they matter in the grand scheme of golf. I believe the Women’s Open should be considered every bit as important as the US Open — even if misogynists think otherwise. I’ve had the privilege to see top women players at LPGA events such as the Meijer, the Jamie Farr, the Volvik and the Solheim Cup. Their skills are impressive.

Meanwhile, the Amateurs and Juniors are the future of golf. Many of these competitors will be on bigger stages in the years to come.

Tiger won 3 US Junior Amateurs and 3 US Amateurs. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to say that they personally saw greatness in the making when Tier played as a young man?

Lydia Ko won the US Women’s Amateur. Lexi Thompson and Minjee Lee were winners of the Girls US Junior.

Maybe we will see it among the amateurs at Oakland Hills.

Rather than bemoan the fact that I’ll be in my late 80s by the time the 2051 US Open comes around, I choose to celebrate the fact that over the next thirty years, I’ll be able to see some of the best golfers in the world — regardless of age and gender — come to Michigan to play.

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