Oakmont Will Host 2016 US Open

The Pittsburgh papers are saying that Oakmont will host the 2016 US Open.

Yawn. I’ve seen that one before.

The USGA should make more of an effort to find publicly accessible courses on which to hold the championships. I want to see one held at Arcadia Bluffs.

1 thought on “Oakmont Will Host 2016 US Open”

  1. Oakmont Country Club has their own caddies, I really think that the USGA should tell the board of directors at Oakmont that, they need to get rid of all the drug dealers, and herion addicts that caddie at that God forsaken place, the wealthy people at Oakmont, know that they have a very bad drug problem, but the rich bastards, constantly turn their heads and look the other way !!  I have had a club in my had for 48 years, and as far as I am consered, Oakmont Country Club is nothing but a, cow pasture !!!  The USGA should look eleswhere !!!


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