Obama Catches Bush On Golf Course

Various news outlets are reporting that Barack Obama has in ten months surpassed the total number of golf rounds played by President Bush during his entire tenure. Obama’s round on Sunday was the 24th. I’m not sure when the major news media became so trivial as to start counting the number of rounds of golf that the occupant of the White House plays, but it apparently was big news that this also was Obama’s first round with a woman. The “lucky” gal was Melody Barnes, his domestic policy advisor. The administration has faced criticism in recent days from sources as diverse as Fox and The New York Times over the perception that Obama is running an all-boys club, where women—such as Hillary Clinton—are marginalized. Dragging Barnes out apparently was their effort to counter that issue.

Bush eventually gave up golf because he thought it inappropriate to play around while families were sacrificing their sons and daughters in Iraq. In the Farenheit 911 movie, moonbat Michael Moore had savaged Bush for playing golf following the announcement of a suicide bombing in Israel. I’m still waiting for Moore to criticize Obama for playing on a day when 100 were killed and 500 injured in twin car bombings in Iraq. He’s a hypocrite, so we won’t hear a word on that one.

I don’t personally care how many rounds of golf Obama plays during his term of office. There are 1.8 million civilian government employees, and they surely can take care of things for a few hours while he hits the links. And even if an emergency arises that absolutely requires his attention, Obama’s only seconds away from a cell phone—not to mention the Blackberry that is attached to his hip. I also know that a good round of golf can renew the spirit and make the entire next work week easier to take.

I actually wish Obama would spend more time on the links. The way things are going right now, my wallet feels a whole lot safer when he and his cronies in Congress are away from their desks.

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