October Heat Wave

It seems as though Al Gore finally has delivered on his promise of global warming. I was beginning to think that he was just like those alarmists in the 1970s who told us that we imminent danger of being overrun with glaciers in a new ice age.

Today, it’ll hit 90 here in Michigan, and I’ve got a round scheduled for just after work. Then tomorrow the warm front will come crashing down; the temperature will drop twenty degrees. By Friday, it’s supposed to be in the lower sixties.

To be sure, I actually will be glad to see the cooler weather. In fact, I think that 65 to 75 is the perfect temperature for golf. If it’s any colder, I have to start thinking about wearing gloves to keep my hands warm and avoid the sting of a hard ball on a metal face. But as the temperature rises, heat and humidity increasingly come into play—especially for those of us who walk.

And at the risk of sounding like a metrosexual, I much prefer cooler weather clothes, too.  I like playing in dockers and a sweatervest. I think there’s a relationship between how I dress and how I play. Dressing nattily puts me in a businesslike frame of mind; I think I play more efficiently, with fewer wild gambles.

Here’s to the return of fall weather!

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