Odds And Props For Match 3 Golf Tournament

Odds And Props For Match 3 Golf Tournament

While there are no PGA TOUR events this week, “The Match III” golf tournament has come at the right time. This will be the third edition of this famous event that has entertained millions of golf enthusiasts in the past. For this week’s match, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning will team up with NBA star Stephen Curry to go against PGA TOUR professional Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley.

The good news for online betting enthusiasts who love betting on golf is that the event will be available for wagering through legal sportsbooks. Several bookies have already released a series of props for Match III, with the odds already posted. Here’s everything that golf punters will want to know.

Steph Curry and Peyton Manning Favored over Barkley and Mickelson

While Phil Mickelson might be the only pro player among the four contesting players, it doesn’t mean he’s a betting favorite. Mickelson will play alongside former NBA MVP Charles Barkley on Friday in an 18-hole against Curry and Manning.

Currently, Steph Curry is listed at a +1.5 handicap, making him better than other players, while Manning will play to a six handicap. On the other side, Barkley is the highest handicap, though he’ll play from a set of forward-tees. This game will be hosted in Stone Canyon, a golf course that Mickelson contributed to designing.

According to the match format, the players will hit their tee shots then switch for the second shot. That means that Manning will hit from where Curry’s first shot will land and vice versa. However, the players will choose one ball to finish the hole after hitting both shots. 

Unfortunately, oddsmakers believe that playing alongside Barkley might prove to be too much of a stretch for Mickelson. As such, the duo landed a +138 odds as the underdogs, while Mannings and Curry are the favorites at -175.

 The Match III Prop Bets

Besides betting on “The Match III” winner, there are a plethora of props posted by your favorite bookie. Here are different props you can choose besides the money line:

  1. The Match III Props
  • The first team to go one up
  • The first team to go two up
  • Albatross in the match
  • Leader after X holes
  • To end in a playoff
  • To hole off the green
  • Specific golfer to hole in one
  1. The Match III Hole Specials
  • The birdie on Hole X
  • Hole X winner
  • Fairway regulation on Hole X

Top Picks for “The Match III”

Some fun props you can wager on for “ The Match III” golf tournament this week includes:

  • Steph curry to hole in one (+12500)
  • Barkley to hit into the water next to Hole 6 (+150)
  • First to go one up (Barkley/Mickelson – +163)

Bottom Line

As poorly as Barkley is expected to play, it’s highly possible that he’ll deliver some incredible shots on the back nine, giving his team a chance to win the game. Overall, it will be a tight game, with Barkley and Mickelson battling through the course. 

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