Odds To Win The Ryder Cup

oddsWhat are the odds to win the Ryder Cup. With less than 24 hours to the first tee time, most betting sites seem to have the US team as the favorite to win the 2016 US Open. Below are the odds from several sites, along with the converted implied probability of a win.

US 4/7 = 67%
Europe: 2/1 = 33%

US 8/13 = 61%
Europe: 7/4 = 36%

US -185 = 64%
Europe: +145 = 40%

US -170= 63%
Europe: +140 = 41%

All of these give the United States around a 60% chance of winning. Odds are of course based on the direction the money is flowing, and punters and oddsmakers have no better idea than anyone who will win. That said, the flow seems to indicate that a large number of people like the US team’s chances.

I do too. I don’t buy into the whole team chemistry/leadership storyline. And I certainly don’t think that the European team is significantly better than the US team. This is not the Yankees versus the St. Louis Browns. At some point, the balls will bounce the other direction and the US team will win again.



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