Odds To Win The PGA Championship – 2014

Incredibly, Tiger Woods has been given 33/1 odds to win the PGA Championship. If he withdraws, of course all bets are off, but even if he tees it up, I can’t see how he possibly has a better chance than, say Charl Schwartzel, Graeme McDowell, Jordan Spieth or Martin Kaymer—just to name a few who currently are 35/1 or worse.

I think it reflects the continuing delusion some golf fans have about Tiger Woods. Let me clear it up for those people: Tiger Woods is done winning Majors.

The favorite—and how could it be otherwise, given his last two starts—is Rory McIlroy, who is in at 9/2. It would be good for golf for Rory to win this Major just as Tiger is fading away. Rory is just as exciting as Tiger, without the surly demeanor.

The most recent former number one, Adam Scott, is next at 11/2.  He’s followed by Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia at 16/1.

I like Sergio for this Major. He’s been playing some of the best golf of his career in the past few months, and actually seems to be enjoying the game. That’s a good sign.  I’m going to cheer for Sergio this week.

After Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, Phil Mickelson is my favorite golfer; I will always pull for him. But aside from that amazing final round at the Bridgestone last week, Phil just hasn’t shown much spark this year. I think he’s probably overvalued at 20/1.

I like Rick(ie) Fowler at the top of the odds list, though. His game has really progressed under Butch Harmon, and I think he’s ready to win a Major.

The next four in the top ten are no real surprises: Henrik Stenson (25/1), Keegan Bradley (28/1), Matt Kuchar (28/1) and Bubba Watson (33/1).

A win by any of the first three wouldn’t surprise me. Bubba would surprise me nearly as much as Tiger.

The complete odds for the 2014 PGA Championship follow, courtesy of Bovada:


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  1. I go Rory, Rickie, Phil.  Sergio is not on my list, his chances are somewhere below Tiger.  Sergio might be tied with Lee Westwood for me.

    I think Phil on Sunday may have started peaking.  That’s my hope.  If he has a strong Thursday, somewhere in the top 10, look for him in the last two groups on Sunday.

    Just heard one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in the Tiger droning.  In discussing Tiger v. Jack, and Tiger still breaking the record – 1st, the Live@ crew said that from 38-46 Jack won 4 more times, but also Jack was 2 or 3, 6 times.  (he was actually 2nd to 4th 7 times).  So it is likely that Tiger will find himself in contention in the same way Jack did 10+ times, and just needs to win 5 of those times.  The problem is that Tiger doesn’t put himself in contention the way Jack did.  Tiger is, at age 38, 14 top 3’s behind Jack at 38. 

    The 2nd thing was more ridiculous.  Nobilo said that Jack had an advantage because at 22 and at 42, Jack was playing with essentially the same clubs.  It has been harder for Tiger to remain on top because the technology has been improving.  That’s the first time I have ever hears someone contend that Jack had an equipment advantage.

    They did also point out that Jack was in as good shape in his late 30s as late 20s, and injury free, where Tiger’s body is radically different and injury prone over the 10 years of aging.

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